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LassoSoft gets feedback in various forms - from user surveys where we asked Lasso users of all levels for feedback on the platform, their experience with it, and where they'd like to see it go - to unsolicited comments on our user forum LassoTalk - to direct email to our CEO. Not only are these comments incredibly informative they are great help in our efforts to crystalize our future development plans. There were also some nice words passed along...


"The LassoTalk list has always been incredible when it comes to getting help, better than any other list I belong to by far!"

"A recent series of crashes and slowdowns on my server coupled with me traveling did not make for a good combination! With one phone call, LassoSoft leapt into action. I'm not sure how I would have made it through that weekend without Paul and Jono's help. They are truly amazing and award winning support staff! Their help, and really the whole LassoSoft team, remind me why I chose Lasso in the first place 10 years ago."

"Great product! Let us know your future development plans. "

"Please keep up the good work!"

"Lasso is an excellent product and I've been happy to be using it over the years. Its ease of use and documentation made it easy for me to become an 'expert' in Lasso. Future versions of the language should continue to make it easy for novices to pick it up, but at the same time, give 'experts' the tools they need."

"I believe that Lasso offers (like no other) the opportunity for 'business' skilled coders to create GREAT applications specific to their business needs. The simplicity of the language is absolutely KEY to its success. My best to you all."

"Seems like there is great care going into improving the product and regaining its composure."

"I'm finally excited (and less worried) again about where Lasso is going!"

"Love lasso, the product, the community. It is elegant, fast, robust. I would be willing to pay more than I have over the years for the pleasure."

"Choose lasso for its simplicity. Appreciated Lasso for all its easy to use features like db management, scheduled events, easy to use language. This is keeping me from going to PHP (which is free, has a lot of knowledge base, is hosted everywhere). I want Lasso to keep it's extraordinary advantage over other languages/solutions. All the best!!!!"

"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’d much rather use Lasso than jump on the PHP bandwagon."

"Of course I'd like Lasso to see monumental success, but there's something about Lasso being just 'under the radar', I can't quite explain it. It's attracted and created a certain kind of community, people who seek out something different rather than following the crowd. Something akin to toughing it out with Apple computers all my professional life, and being proud to see Apple succeeding beyond all our wildest imaginations, but worrying about what that success may bring. Viva La Lasso!"

"Ease of use and connectivity to Filemaker is what got me into Lasso and what keeps me with Lasso."

"I'm a teacher/tech coordinator at my school, designing specific database interfaces for our students and staff — online lesson plans, directory, staff development forms and so on."

"We are well immersed in both FileMaker and Lasso, one compliments the other, that which is difficult to do in Filemaker is easily done in Lasso and visa-versa. I really don't want to break up that team."

"Love the people behind Lasso honest, hard-working, generous support and fantastic software."

"I will carry on with Lasso whatever you decide to do."

"Really, really like lasso and always have. I've learned to write websites with lasso and am not really looking forward to learning somethig new. I am excited for the changes ahead...thanks"

"It's exciting to see the direction Lasso is going! Thank you for taking this "bull" by the horns."

"Don't be afraid to raise the price to something that can sustain high quality development at low unit volume. Lasso brings tremendous value to our company. I got started with Lasso only because of FileMaker 4 and CDML. Now I use Lasso with MySQL exclusively. Lasso turned out to be way more valuable than FileMaker, but it was a crucial step for me. I hope you can find a similar way to get new users to adopt the language. For new web apps on top of existing enterprise data, Lasso is far superior to Rails, which is my only backup plan. I wish you the best of success!"

"Thank you for listening us."

"Looking forward to working with Lasso 9!"

"Full steam ahead!"

"I have used Lasso since 1998. I love the platform and want it to grow. I would like to see momentum for Lasso to make it an easier sell to companies that I work for."

"Keep up the good work."

"The recent news from Lassosoft is welcomed as we use LassoScript as main Language. Long Live LassoSoft. Do the Buzzzz..."

"I really like the language. Look forward to the new year and more coding."

"Great to see new life breathed into Lasso!"

"I think the effort to make Lasso a better product and soliciting current developers is great start to the future of the language. But don't leave Windows/IIS users out!"

"Lasso has been great."
"The amount of energy and skill that everybody on Treefrog and Lassosoft put into Lasso in order to make it the best possible choice around is enough to light up the moon. On the far side."

"My hat is off to LassoSoft and if there was a list of "Above and Beyond the call of duty" as far as support goes, my event would surely top that list.
One last thing as a testament to Lasso.  The problem turned out NOT to be a Lasso problem after all, it was a file issue :-) Thank you LassoSoft for your continued high level of support and customer service, not to mention an incredible product!"

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