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The LassoSoft Team

Like all great software teams, the LassoSoft management and development group is highly structured yet wildly creative. Incredibly focused yet prone to dreaming out loud. Unable to change their car’s oil but able to reassemble a server’s system board blindfolded.

At our core are some of Lasso’s earliest champions, passionate developers who fell under its spell more than 10 years ago and have contributed to the development of every release since Lasso 2.0.

However, as this new decade dawned, we realized that the existing Lasso team had been incredibly successful at developing the greatest programming language on the market — but one that most people had never heard of. To that end, LassoSoft, Inc. was formed and has since expended incredible energy in beefing up the strategic, corporate development, sales and marketing side of the business.

We’re now a balanced, enthusiastic team on all fronts. And our mission is to ensure that Lasso becomes the programming language of choice for more than its fair share of specialist developers, design houses, corporate IT departments, educational institutions and government agencies.

We’re confident that our product is the best programming solution out there. We invite you to further explore its impressive capabilities. Welcome to the world of Lasso.

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