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Lasso 9

Level 3 Lasso Courses Offered

Advanced courses to develop deep skills and knowledge in high value areas of your Lasso code. 


  • personal laptop or desktop meeting the minimum systems requirements for Lasso 9 (or Lasso 8.6 where appropriate)
  • able to run Webex for group sessions or ichat/Aim/Skype for 1:1
  • demonstrated intermediate level Lasso knowledge
    • option 1: completed Lasso level 2 course(s), or,
    • option 2: brief outline of work with Lasso to date or 10 minute interview with trainer, to review your understanding
  • available as one-on-one, or in a small class *minimum numbers must be met or the class will be deferred
group sessions

Networking Lasso
( 2x 2 hours)

Learn about...

  • Basic Objects
  • Non-blocking runtime model
  • Named pipes
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • SSL
  • Networking with threads
group sessions

Multiple Dispatch - Advanced Method Definitions
(2 hours)

Learn how to utilize multiple-dispatch to simplify your code

  • Defining methods
  • Type Specifiers
  • Arity
  • Optional and keyword parameters
  • Rest

Maximizing Regular Expressions
More than one session is planned.
The number of sessions, duration and therefore cost is yet to be advised.


* Note that Class based sessions have a minimum attendance requirement and may be rescheduled one week before commencement where numbers are not met.


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