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Lasso Educational Pack

Turn students of today into successful developers and web entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

LassoSoft knows that to grow skilled and competent web programming experts it takes a lot of experience across multiple platforms and tools.

The Lasso language is ideally suited as it comes with multiple connectors and libraries included 'right out of the box' - meaning more time learning and doing for your students, and less time configuring, downloading and installing components for you and your tech support team!

LassoSoft offers valuable discounts and support to approved educational institutions from our starter pack of one-year license 'seats' for your students and staff, to an ongoing 10% off your Lasso store purchases.

Contact us to talk about your student numbers, your curriculum planning and needs, and we will work with you to prepare a plan that meets your requirements.


Education Pack $4,000 CAD


  • 25 One year Licenses each with 1 instance for individual machines, or
  • Hosting License with up to 25 instances for centralized server and services
  • Option to add on more instances at $10/per month 


  • Installation support
  • Technical support during business hours

Training and mentorship

  • Up to four hours of onsite(1) training direct from our experts
  • Optional 'mentor' programme


  • Customized advertising of your course on our website*
  • LassoSoft sponsored competition or scholarship*

(1) Lassosoft will include travel up to 100km from Newmarket, Ontario in the Education pack. Any travel and accomodation beyond 100km will be by arrangement.

*negotiated to suit your student audience and needs

Contact to discuss your educational needs.


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