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Are You A Hosting Provider?

Why you should consider becoming a Lasso Hosting Partner

Lasso is a mature professional middleware product with an existing market share that meets the need of web systems with high efficiency and Lasso is experiencing a new, growing demand from an invigorated community and fresh marketing.

Lasso Hosting Partner Membership

Sign up to be a Lasso Hosting Partner and get the benefits of an easy-to-manage process to add new Lasso Instances for new clients without needing to pay the former 'full-license up-front' cost.

By joining up to the Lasso Hosting Partner Membership with a monthly subscription you get access to low-cost per instance licenses and simple monthly billing.

How it works

Reliable and Available

LassoSoft's licensing servers are highly available, on one of Canada's premiere networks in Canada's premiere hosting location (just under the CN tower). The servers themselves are running on fully redundant network and hardware infrastructures and have a history of great uptime and security.

Our process for when licenses 'expire' has been carefully thought out to minimize the impact to you or your client's sites, while safeguarding business integrity.

A License that expires goes into a 'soft expiration' mode for 30 days that keeps the instance running exactly as at expiry - merely limiting access to Lasso Administration until a renewed license is applied.

Membership Levels to suit all types of Hosting Provider

Whether your core business is Hosting, or your Hosting is a value-add service to clients, the new Lasso Hosting Partner Membership gives you a range of pricing levels to match.

Hosting Providers can choose one of the following to fit into their own pricing plans for clients;


Membership Level  Membership Fee Instance Increment
Level 1  $99/month 20 instances
Level 2  $199/month 50 instances
Level 3  $299/month 100 instances
Level 4  $399/month 200 instances



  1. Your Hosting Partner Membership gives you valuable marketing space on our high traffic site, in both the Lasso Hosting Providers page, and in the random Featured Hosting Provider ad boxes found in side panels throughout the site content pages. You will be visible, and you will receive click throughs.

  2. Receive recognition of  your commitment to Lasso with a Lasso Hosting Partner badge for your listing.

  3. Have the opportunity for branding and placement at Lasso Conferences.

  4. Hosting Special Pricing: A key feature! An instance-as-needed license available only to Lasso Hosting Partners.

  5. Automatic Provisioning: Lasso Hosting Partner license keys have a call-home mechanism which automatically calculates the number of installed instances on a monthly basis, simplifying administration.

The Fine Print

Your hosting servers that use the new hosting monthly license programme must be able to 'phone home' and update our licensing servers.

Any misuse of monthly instances such as blocking or avoiding the phone-home cycle will result in cancellation of Hosting Partnership Membership, and revert instances to standard Master License pricing.

If you have an account with LassoSoft but have not yet signed up for Hosting Partner Membership, or, if you let your Hosting Partner Membership expire, your ad listing on the Hosting Provider page will not appear in splash ads within the site.

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