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[Action_Param] returns the value for an HTML form element, URL parameter, or [Inline] parameter. If the named parameter was not specified in the HTML form or URL that loaded the current page or in the nearest surrounding [Inline] method then no value is returned.

If the optional -Count keyword is specified then the number of repetitions of the named parameter is returned. An optional integer parameter allows each of the repetitions to be returned individually.

The [Action_Params] method can be used to return an array that contains each of the parameters of the current action as well as all the command methods that define the current action.

[Action_Param] is a compatibility layer inclusion and is largely equivalent to the Lasso 9 "native" [web_request->param]. Developers are encouraged to utilize [web_request->param] for new Lasso 9 solutions.

  • Syntax
action_param('Parameter Name')

action_param('Parameter Name', -count)

action_param('Parameter Name', Parameter Index)
  • Beginner

To return all the repetitions of a named parameter:

Use the [Action_Param] method to return each repetition of a named parameter for the current database action. The following example returns each repetition of the First_Name parameter.


loop(action_param('first_name', -count))
	action_param('first_name', loop_count)

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