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The [any->asCopyDeep] method returns a deep copy of an object. In general, the [any->asCopy] method is sufficient, but in the rare circumstance when an isolated, exact copy is needed, the [any->asCopyDeep] method provides jus that.

In Lasso, a type has depth if it contains other objects, so the [integer] and [string] types, for example, have no depth. This means that [any->asCopy] is the same as [any->asCopyDeep] for these types. Other types, such as the [array] type, do contain other objects and therefore have depth. To read more about shallow copying and its effect on types that have depth, please see the [any->asCopy] method description.

  • Syntax
local(obj) = my_object(...)
  • Beginner

Demonstrating a deep copy

The code below demonstrates what happens with a deep copy. The result will show that the copied array's elements are different than the original's.


local(original) = array('radish', 'carrot', 'cucumber', 'olive')
local(copy)     = #original->asCopyDeep
iterate(#original) => {


array(radish, carrot, cucumber, olive)

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