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[client_getparam] is used to retrieve specific GET parameters passed to the page by the client browser. Useful for addressing params where multiples may exist.

The first parameter is the name of the parameter, the second may either be the keyword "-count" , an integer which will return the value of the parameter at that index.

[client_getparam] can also be used with just the one parameter and will then output a line-break delimited string of each getparam.

  • Syntax
client_getparam(string, -count)
client_getparam(string, integer)
  • Beginner

Retrieve a named parameter from the incoming GET request

Use the [client_getparam] method.


'client_getargs: '+client_getargs+'/r'
'client_getparams: '+Client_GetParams+'/r'
'client_getparam: '+client_getparam('b')


client_getargs: a=one%20red%20dog&b=two%20white%20rhinos
client_getparams: staticarray((a = one red dog), (b = two white rhinos))
client_getparam: two white rhinos

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