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[ database_util_cleanPath ]


[database_util_cleanPath] checks the path of the string parameter, and replaces any double slash '//' with a single slash '/'.

Used in database_addDefaultSQLiteHost to clean paths returned by database_registry.

  • Syntax
database_util_cleanPath('String Value')
  • Advanced

To clean the path to a database reference:

Use the [database_util_cleanPath] method. The following examples replace double slashes with single slashes. In the first example, a single database path is cleaned. In the second example, an array of hosts is iterated over, comparing each each host's cleaned database path against a local value, and returning the result.


Example 1:
cleanName = database_util_cleanPath(string(sys_databasesPath))

Example 2:
with host in #hosts
where database_util_cleanPath(string(#host->find('name'))) ==  #cleanName
do { return }


Example 1:

Example 2:

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