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[Fail_If] conditionally halts execution of the current page or [Protect] block.

Takes three parameters: a conditional expression, an optional integer error code, and a string error message.

  • Syntax
Fail_If(Conditional Expression,Error Code, 'Error Message')
Fail_If(Conditional Expression, 'Error Message')
  • Beginner

To conditionally report a fatal error:

Use the [Fail_If] method. Lasso will immediately halt processing of the current page or [Protect] block and report the error to the user or run any [Handle] methods that are present.

The following code will report an unknown error if the [web_request->param] named 'Required' is empty.

Note: [Action_Param] is a compatibility layer wrapper for [web_request->param]


Fail_If(not string(web_request->param('Required'))->size, -1, 'Unknown Error')


FAILURE: -1 Unknown Error

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