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[ locale_availablelocales ]


The [locale_availablelocales] method returns a staticarray of locale codes which are available for use with the [locale] method.

The codes may take the form of:

  • language
  • language_COUNTRY
  • language_Variant_COUNTRY
  • Syntax
  • Beginner

Return a list of all location codes

Use the [locale_availablelocales] method




     af, af_NA, af_ZA, ak, ak_GH, am, am_ET, ar, ar_AE, ar_BH, ar_DZ, 
     ar_EG, ar_IQ, ar_JO, ar_KW, ar_LB, ar_LY, ar_MA, ar_OM, ar_QA, 
     ar_SA, ar_SD, ar_SY, ar_TN, ar_YE, as, as_IN, asa, asa_TZ, az, 
     az_Cyrl, az_Cyrl_AZ, az_Latn, az_Latn_AZ, be, be_BY, bem, bem_ZM, 
     bez, bez_TZ, bg, bg_BG, bm, bm_ML, bn, bn_BD, bn_IN, bo, bo_CN, 
     bo_IN, bs, bs_BA, ca, ca_ES, cgg, cgg_UG, chr, chr_US, cs, cs_CZ, 
     cy, cy_GB, da, da_DK, dav, dav_KE, de, de_AT, de_BE, de_CH, de_DE, 
     de_LI, de_LU, ebu, ebu_KE, ee, ee_GH, ee_TG, el, el_CY, el_GR, en, 
     en_AS, en_AU, en_BE, en_BW, en_BZ, en_CA, en_GB, en_GU, en_HK, 
     en_IE, en_IN, en_JM, en_MH, en_MP, en_MT, en_MU, en_NA, en_NZ, 
     en_PH, en_PK, en_SG, en_TT, en_UM, en_US, en_US_POSIX, en_VI, 
     en_ZA, en_ZW, eo, es, es_419, es_AR, es_BO, es_CL, es_CO, es_CR, 
     es_DO, es_EC, es_ES, es_GQ, es_GT, es_HN, es_MX, es_NI, es_PA, 
     es_PE, es_PR, es_PY, es_SV, es_US, es_UY, es_VE, et, et_EE, eu, 
     eu_ES, fa, fa_AF, fa_IR, ff, ff_SN, fi, fi_FI, fil, fil_PH, fo, fo_FO, fr, 
     fr_BE, fr_BF, fr_BI, fr_BJ, fr_BL, fr_CA, fr_CD, fr_CF, fr_CG, fr_CH,
     fr_CI, fr_CM, fr_DJ, fr_FR, fr_GA, fr_GN, fr_GP, fr_GQ, fr_KM, fr_LU,
     fr_MC, fr_MF, fr_MG, fr_ML, fr_MQ, fr_NE, fr_RE, fr_RW, fr_SN, fr_TD,
     fr_TG, ga, ga_IE, gl, gl_ES, gsw, gsw_CH, gu, gu_IN, guz, guz_KE, 
     gv, gv_GB, ha, ha_Latn, ha_Latn_GH, ha_Latn_NE, ha_Latn_NG, 
     haw, haw_US, he, he_IL, hi, hi_IN, hr, hr_HR, hu, hu_HU, hy, hy_AM, 
     id, id_ID, ig, ig_NG, ii, ii_CN, is, is_IS, it, it_CH, it_IT, ja, ja_JP, jmc, 
     jmc_TZ, ka, ka_GE, kab, kab_DZ, kam, kam_KE, kde, kde_TZ, kea, 
     kea_CV, khq, khq_ML, ki, ki_KE, kk, kk_Cyrl, kk_Cyrl_KZ, kl, kl_GL, 
     kln, kln_KE, km, km_KH, kn, kn_IN, ko, ko_KR, kok, kok_IN, kw, 
     kw_GB, lag, lag_TZ, lg, lg_UG, lt, lt_LT, luo, luo_KE, luy, luy_KE, 
     lv, lv_LV, mas, mas_KE, mas_TZ, mer, mer_KE, mfe, mfe_MU, 
     mg, mg_MG, mk, mk_MK, ml, ml_IN, mr, mr_IN, ms, ms_BN, 
     ms_MY, mt, mt_MT, my, my_MM, naq, naq_NA, nb, nb_NO, nd, 
     nd_ZW, ne, ne_IN, ne_NP, nl, nl_BE, nl_NL, nn, nn_NO, nyn, 
     nyn_UG, om, om_ET, om_KE, or, or_IN, pa, pa_Arab, pa_Arab_PK, 
     pa_Guru, pa_Guru_IN, pl, pl_PL, ps, ps_AF, pt, pt_BR, pt_GW, 
     pt_MZ, pt_PT, rm, rm_CH, ro, ro_MD, ro_RO, rof, rof_TZ, ru, ru_MD, 
     ru_RU, ru_UA, rw, rw_RW, rwk, rwk_TZ, saq, saq_KE, seh, seh_MZ, 
     ses, ses_ML, sg, sg_CF, shi, shi_Latn, shi_Latn_MA, shi_Tfng,
     shi_Tfng_MA, si, si_LK, sk, sk_SK, sl, sl_SI, sn, sn_ZW, so, 
     so_DJ, so_ET, so_KE, so_SO, sq, sq_AL, sr, sr_Cyrl, sr_Cyrl_BA, 
     sr_Cyrl_ME, sr_Cyrl_RS, sr_Latn, sr_Latn_BA, sr_Latn_ME, sr_Latn_RS, 
     sv, sv_FI, sv_SE, sw, sw_KE, sw_TZ, ta, ta_IN, ta_LK, te, te_IN, teo, 
     teo_KE, teo_UG, th, th_TH, ti, ti_ER, ti_ET, to, to_TO, tr, tr_TR, tzm, 
     tzm_Latn, tzm_Latn_MA, uk, uk_UA, ur, ur_IN, ur_PK, uz, uz_Arab, 
     uz_Arab_AF, uz_Cyrl, uz_Cyrl_UZ, uz_Latn, uz_Latn_UZ, vi, vi_VN, 
     vun, vun_TZ, xog, xog_UG, yo, yo_NG, zh, zh_Hans, zh_Hans_CN, 
     zh_Hans_HK, zh_Hans_MO, zh_Hans_SG, zh_Hant, zh_Hant_HK, 
     zh_Hant_MO, zh_Hant_TW, zu, 

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