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[ map->get ]


[map->get] returns value associated to a key from the map. Accepts a single parameter which is the key of the key/value pair of the map element.

This method is similar to the [map->find] method, but it is more strict in that if the map does not contain a key then [map->get] throws an error while [map->find] would just return [void]

Note: This method does not work in the same way as the similarly named [map->get] tag of previous versions of Lasso™

  • Syntax
  • Beginner

To get each of the values of a map:

Use the [map->get] method.  The following code loops through the map displaying each value.


var (colours = map( 'red'='#ff0000', 
    'blue'='#0000ff') )

 with i in $colours->keys 
     do => {^



Calling the method with an unknown key

If you pass a value to [map->get] that is not a key in the map, then a failure will be raised.


var(my_map) = map('moose'='yuk', 'elk'='yum', 'croc'='chicken')



-9956 The key was not found

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