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Remove anything but digits from a string containing a phone number.

It's a good habit to use back-ticks instead of quotes to enclose find and replace patterns in a [regexp] object since it won't need special handling of escape characters.


regexp(-find = `\D+`, -input = 'Phone: 905 251-6169', -ignorecase) -> replaceall


-> 9052516169

Task at hand, find the name that's in-between the <h1></h1> tags of a given html snippet. There can be both line feeds and tabs that we don't want as part of the result.

To extract the name value we do a two step operation. First replace any kind of line feeds or tabs with nothing. Next step is to weed out the content between the <h1></h1> tag.

The [regexp] methods we use is [replaceall], [input], [findpattern], [find] and [matchstring]. To remove possible extra space before and after the resulting string we trim it.


var(myhtml = '<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
	<title>Testing regexp</title>
		LassoSoft Inc - The Rhino from Canada 

var(reg_exp = regexp(-find = `(\r\n)+|\r+|\n+|\t+`, -replace = ``, -input = $myhtml))

var(strippedhtml = $reg_exp -> replaceall)

$reg_exp -> input = $strippedhtml

$reg_exp -> findpattern = `<h1>(.*?)</h1>`
var(final = ($reg_exp -> find ? $reg_exp -> matchstring(1) | 'Not found') -> trim &)



-> LassoSoft Inc - The Rhino from Canada

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