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[ os_process->readstring ]


[OS_Process->ReadString] reads any available data from the standard output of the native process and returns a string value. This tag accepts two parameters. The first specifies the maximum number of bytes of data to retrieve. The method will return all available data up to that number of bytes. By default all available data will be retrieved. A -Timeout parameter specifies the time in seconds which the method should wait for output to become available. If no data is available before the read times out then an empty string is returned.

If [OS_Process->SetEncoding] has been called then the data from the native process is automatically translated from the specified character set to Lasso's native string format. If no encoding has been specified then Lasso expects the process to return data in UTF-8 format.

  • Syntax
local(myProcess = OS_Process('/bin/cat'))
#myProcess->Write('This is a test\n')

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