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The [sys_dll_ext] method returns the proper dynamic library file extension for the platform. For example, it will return 'dylib' on Mac OS X and 'so' on Linux.

  • Syntax
  • Advanced

Autodetect which dynamic library extension is needed for the current platform:

[sys_dll_ext] is an excellent help when batch compiling lasso 9 files. Since the files need to have different suffixes depending on what platform they are compiled on. Saving this code in a file (make_compiled.lasso9) and running it from the command line will batch compile all .lasso files found in the same directory to the correct format for the platform lasso runs on.
Here's the command to run:
lasso9 ./make_compiled.lasso9 | bash


local(filename = array)
local(filesuffix = sys_dll_ext)

'make -f2 '
iterate(file_listdirectory('./')) => {^
	if(loop_value -> endswith('.lasso')) => {^
		#filename = loop_value -> split('.')
		#filename -> removelast
		#filename -> insert(#filesuffix)
		#filename -> join('.')
		' '

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