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29 Jan, 2014  [string->encodeBash] Returns the string encoded such that it can be given to bash as a literal command line argument. String Kyle Jessup
11 Oct, 2013  [Multi-key map->find] A map->find addition which returns values for multiple keys. Utility Kyle Jessup
07 Oct, 2013  [formatted_decimal] formatted_decimal attempts to operate as decimal did in Lasso 8, with regards to the ->setFormat method. Math Kyle Jessup
27 Jul, 2006  [isJPEG] Returns true if a file is a JPEG image file Image Kyle Jessup
27 Apr, 2006  [gapi_search] Queries the Google Search API. Utility Kyle Jessup
06 Feb, 2006  [caseKey] Case sensitive TreeMap key type String Kyle Jessup
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