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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
10 Jul, 2013  [image->ishex] Check if an image is a solid colour (specified by a hex value) Image Ke Carlton
09 Nov, 2010  [vz_ckimageresize] This tag physically resizes images that have been resized using CKeditor and are displayed at different dimensions from the original. Image Pier Kuipers
17 Oct, 2009  [cms_easythumb] Wrapper for Webthumb wesite snapshot REST API Image Dominique Guardiola Falco
22 Apr, 2009  [image_scaleDisplay] Scales the specified image within the given dimensions if the image doesn't fit and outputs a width/height string for use in image tag. Image Marc Pinnell
15 Feb, 2008  [image_display] Writes an HTML image tag with scaled dimensions. Image Jason Huck
10 Sep, 2007  [image_scalewithin] Scales the specified image within the given dimensions. Image Jason Huck
27 Jul, 2006  [isJPEG] Returns true if a file is a JPEG image file Image Kyle Jessup
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