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AuthorSteve Piercy
CategoryCustom Tag
LicensePublic Domain
Posted11 Jun 2014
Updated11 Jun 2014
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This tag is now maintained on GitHub.

Read the article AuthorizeNet_AIM - Payment processing tag for Lasso Professional 8 and the Authorize.Net AIM v3.1 payment processing gateway

Sample Usage


Source Code

Click the "Download" button below to retrieve a copy of this tag, including the complete documentation and sample usage shown on this page. Place the downloaded ".inc" file in your LassoStartup folder, restart Lasso, and you can begin using this tag immediately.


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12 Aug 2011, Steve Piercy

Repasted source code using FF5

Apparently TagSwap mungs pasted code's line breaks when using certain browsers. Probably Safari, possibly Chrome. I think I was using Safari at the time I uploaded the munged version.

05 Nov 2010, Steve Piercy

Update Version 1.6.0 - Lasso 9 compatible; Added fields to allow multiple transactions to cover the total amount of the order.

Modified to work with Lasso 9.

Added new field labels for Partial Authorization Transactions. This allows customers to use multiple transactions to cover the total amount of the order, e.g., gift card and credit card. See the AIM Developer Guide for details.

Purged ugly variable declarations.

02 Feb 2010, Steve Piercy

Update Version 1.5.2 - Disambiguation of -testrequest parameter

Disambiguated the parameter -testrequest. Now setting it to FALSE or omitting it are equivalent.

Thanks to Marc Pinnell for pointing it out.

31 Jan 2010, Steve Piercy

Update Version 1.5 - Developer can override hard-coded configuration values with values in the map of AIM parameters

Now the developer can set values in the map of parameters for x_login, x_tran_key and x_type. Any parameters in the map that are passed into the tag will override any values hard-coded in the tag, except x_relay_response which you should leave alone.

Provided even better code samples and usage example.

Thanks to Marc Pinnell for the suggestion and donation for Duke biscuits.

19 Jan 2010, Steve Piercy

Update Version 1.4 - Added two optional parameters: testdeveloper and testrequest

Added two new parameters:

-testdeveloper=TRUE submits a test transaction to's 'test' URL. Default is FALSE. Optional.

-testrequest=TRUE submits a test transaction request to the designated URL ('test' or 'secure') as set in the tag configuration or by the -testdeveloper keyword parameter. Default is FALSE. Optional.

17 Jan 2010, Steve Piercy

Added test URL to documentation

Added the test URL for submitting test transactions to using developer credentials as opposed to merchant account credentials. Thanks to Rick Dwyer for the suggestion.

30 Jan 2009, Steve Piercy

Update to Version 1.3

Gave code a colostomy. Ugly, yucky, dirty colons! Also should improve compatability with Lasso 9.

Improved usage guidelines documentation.

20 Jan 2008, Steve Piercy

Added Additional Resources for eCommerce in General

Download the tag or scroll through the source to see the additional eCeommerce resources.

26 Sep 2007, Steve Piercy


Added comments regarding AIM gateway response fields.

Improved usage guidelines documentation.

Corrected names of response labels for positions 39 and 40.

Added empty AIM 3.1 reserved fields for positions through 68. May be used for future expansion of AIM.

Added check that compares the sizes of the AIMResultLabels and AIMResultArray arrays to prevent "invalid position passed to get" error, and to generate ennumerated labels for results that are out of range of the labels array.

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