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The [scientific] method formats a number in scientific notation.

The method requires one parameter, the decimal value to be formatted. 

Note: Use the [scientific->value] method to perform calculations on numbers cast as scientific

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scientific( value )
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Format a number in scientific notation

Use the [scientific] method. This example shows the longhand and scientific notation representations for various common numbers.


var( constants = map( 'c' = decimal(299792458),
                      'G' = decimal(0.0000000000667300)) )

$constants->forEachPair => {^
     #1->first+' = '+#1->second+' = '+scientific(#1->second)+'\n'


c = 299792458.000000 = 2.99792458E8
G = 0.000000 = 6.673E-11

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