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The [median] method accepts three parameters and returns the one whose value lies between the other two, essentially returning the median value of the 3 member set.

  • Syntax
median( value_1, value_2, value_3 )
  • Beginner

Return the median of a three number set

Use the [median] method. This example iterates through an array of arrays returning the median of each.


var( mySets = array(array(22, 30, 17), 
                    array(5, 16, 25),
                    array(21, 21, 24) ) )

with s in $mySets
     do => {^
          'The median of '+#s+' is '+median(#s->get(1), #s->get(2), #s->get(3))+'\n'     


The median of array(22, 30, 17) is 22
The median of array(5, 16, 25) is 16
The median of array(21, 21, 24) is 21

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