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The [max] method compares two values  and returns the larger of the two. 

While this method is most commonly used with numeric parameters it may be used to compare objects of other types such as strings or even compound types like pairs and arrays. In these cases the first character of the string, or the first character of the first element of a compound data type is used for comparison. 

  • Syntax
max( value_1, value_2 )
  • Beginner

To return the larger of  two numbers

Use the [max] method. This example iterates through an array of values and uses the [max] method to return the maximum value of the data set.


var( temperatures = array(27, 25, 30, 22, 31, 28, 27),
     maxTemp = integer )

with t in $temperatures 
     do => {
          $maxTemp = max($maxTemp, #t)

'The maximum temperature was '+$maxTemp+' degrees.'


The maximum temperature was 31 degrees.

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