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The [array->sort] method reorders the elements of the array in alphabetical or numerical order. Accepts a single boolean parameter. Sorts in ascending order by default or if the parameter is True and in descending order if the parameter is False. Optionally the keywords -descending or -ascending may be used instead of false and true respectively.

Note: Only string, integer, or decimal values should be sorted. If an array contains arrays or maps then the results of sorting the array are undetermined. Pairs will be sorted by their first element (which should be either a string, integer, or decimal value).

  • Syntax
array->sort( sort_order )
  • Beginner

To sort the elements in an array:

Use the [array->sort] method. The following examples sorts the items in an array of the days of the week in various ways and outputs the sorted array.


var( DaysOfWeek = array('Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat') )

'Sorted Ascending: '+$DaysOfWeek+'\n'

'Sorted Descending: '+$DaysOfWeek+'\n'


Sorted Ascending: array(Fri, Mon, Sat, Sun, Thu, Tue, Wed)
Sorted Descending: array(Wed, Tue, Thu, Sun, Sat, Mon, Fri)

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