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[ staticarray->findposition ]


The [staticarray->findposition] method searches the array for the parameter and returns an array of positions for those elements which match.

Accepts a single parameter of any data type including matchers. Optionally accepts a integer which is the offset position to begin searching the array at. If the array contains any pair values, only the first part of the pair is compared with the parameter of the [staticarray->findposition] method.

If no elements in the array match the parameter to the [staticarray->findposition] method, or the offset parameter is outside of the size of the array, then an empty array is returned.

Note: this method returns objects of type array.

  • Syntax

staticarray->findposition('search_term', offset)
  • Beginner

Find the positions of the element in an array

Example 1:

Return the positions that 'John Doe' occurs at in an array of names


var( myNames = staticarray('John Doe', 'Jane Doe', 'Wendy Buck', 'John Doe', 'Jim Stag') )

$myNames->findposition('John Doe')


array(1, 4)

Example 2:

Return the positions that John Doe occurs at in the array of name:position pairs after the first one.


var( myNames = staticarray('John Doe', 'Jane Doe', 'Wendy Buck', 'John Doe', 'Jim Stag') )

$myNames->findposition('John Doe', 2)



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