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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
26 Sep, 2016  [lp_client_browser for L9] Browser and device detection Tags Marc Vos
22 May, 2013  [mv_fmtnum] Format (serial)numbers Tags Marc Vos
14 Feb, 2013  [clean_lasso_database] Cleans up Lasso 8 SQLite db from dynamically generated tables Administration Marc Vos
19 Mar, 2012  [mv_clcdat] Perfom date calculations and formatting Date Marc Vos
20 Feb, 2012  [mv_timeMenu] Create time entries for a pop-up menu Custom Tag Marc Vos
27 Aug, 2010  [mv_findThread] Look for a runnig thread Threads Marc Vos
03 Aug, 2009  [mv_stripHTML] Strips all HTML tags from a string. Custom Tag Marc Vos
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