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AuthorMarc Vos
LicensePublic Domain
Posted14 Feb 2013
Updated14 Feb 2013
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Sample Usage

Source Code

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var('zzsql' = '',
	'svdb' = '',
	'delflag' = false

// Get the list of TEMP tables currently in Lasso
$zzsql = "
	select as dbname, as tblid, as tblname 
	from security_database_tables t 
	join security_datasource_databases d on 
	where like 'REP%'
	order by,";
inline(-database='lasso_internal', -sql=$zzsql, -maxrecords='all');
		$delflag = false;
		if($svdb != field('dbname'));
			// Get the list of tables currently in MySQL + their last update date
			$zzsql = "
				show table status 
				from " + field('dbname') + " 
				like 'REP%'";
			inline(-Host=Array(-datasource='mysqlds', -name='', -username='lasso', -password='secret'), -sql=$zzsql, -maxrecords='all');
				var('in_mysql' = records_map);
			$svdb = field('dbname');
		// Check if Lasso-defined table still present in MySQL.
		// If not, delete all references from Lasso
		if($in_mysql->find(field('tblname'))->size == 0);
			$delflag = true;
		else(date_difference($in_mysql->find(field('tblname'))->find('Update_time'), date, -day) < -2);	// Older than 2 days = delete
			// Remove table from MySQL
			$zzsql = 'drop table ' + field('dbname') + '.' + field('tblname');
			inline(-Host=Array(-datasource='mysqlds', -name='', -username='lasso', -password='secret'), -sql=$zzsql);

			$delflag = true;
			// Delete all security_table_fields entries
			$zzsql = 'delete from security_table_fields where id_table=' + field('tblid');
			inline(-sql=$zzsql); /inline;
			// Delete all security_group_table_map entries
			$zzsql = 'delete from security_group_table_map where id_table=' + field('tblid');
			inline(-sql=$zzsql); /inline;
			// Delete the security_database_tables entry
			$zzsql = 'delete from security_database_tables where id=' + field('tblid');
			inline(-sql=$zzsql); /inline;



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