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[ date->min ]


[Date->Min] gets the minimum possible value for one field of the date. Requires one of the following keywords below.

Only one minimum value can be fetched at a time. The minimum value is dependent on the current date/time. For example, the -DayOfMonth selector will return the number of days in the current month.

Keyword Description
-year year
-month month
-week week
-day day
-hour hour
-minute minute
-second second
-weekofyear week of year
-weekofmonth week of month
-dayofmonth day of month
-dayofyear day of year
-dayofweek day of week
-dayofweekinmonth day of week in month
-ampm AM/PM
-hourofday hour of day
-zoneoffset time zone offset
-dstoffset daylight savings time offset
-yearwoy year week of year
-dowlocal local day of week
-extendedyear extended year
-julianday julian day
-millisecondsinday milliseconds in day
  • Syntax
Date Object->min(-Keyword)
  • Beginner

To return the minimum possible value for one field of the current date:

Use the [Date->Min] method. The following example gets the minimum value for the day of month field of a date.


date('2011-02-21 08:00:00')->min(-dayofmonth)



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