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[Date->Roll] adds a value to one or more of the fields of the date. Fields are specified as parameters to the tag and as many can be specified as desired. If a field overflows then other fields are not affected. For example, rolling 60 minutes doesn't change the date at all since the minute field will roll back to its original value and the hour field will not be modified. This method modifies the date object in-place and does not output a value.

Accepts any of the following keyword parameters: -year, -month, -week, -day, -hour, -minute, and -second.

  • Syntax
Date Object->roll(-Keyword=Integer)
  • Beginner

To roll multiple fields of a date object:

Use the [Date->Roll] method. The following example uses a single date object, then rolls the minutes and seconds fields, and outputs the result.


local(d) = date('2011-02-21 08:00:00')


2011-02-21 08:10:20

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