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[ string->compareCodePointOrder ]


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[String->CompareCodePointOrder] compares the base string to the first parameter and returns True if they are equal or False otherwise. Comparisons are made case insensitive by default. An optional -Case parameter compares the string taking case into account. This method works identically to [String->Compare], but comparisons are accurate even for Unicode charaacters with code points greater than U+10000. A second form of the method compares the base string to a portion of a parameter string. The first parameter is an offset into the comparison string. The second parameter is the length of characters in the comparison string to be taken into account. And, the third parameter is the comparison string. Additional optional fourth and fifth parameter specify and offset and length into the base string. This allows a portion of the base string to be compared to a portion of the comparison string.

  • Syntax
'Base String'->compare('Param String')

'Base String'->compare('Param String', -case)

'Base String'->compare('Param String', 7, 6)

'Base String'->compare('Param String', 7, 6, 6, 6)

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