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AuthorEric Landmann
LicensePublic Domain
Posted23 Jun 2008
Updated23 Jun 2008
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Creates a debug container to output debugging information. Works in conjunction with $xDebug = Y as a toggle to turn on/off debugging information. Uses a special stylesheet class called "debug" to format output.

Sample Usage

'SomeVar = ' $SomeVar '
\n'; 'AnotherVar = ' $AnotherVar '\n'; /Debug;

Source Code

Click the "Download" button below to retrieve a copy of this tag, including the complete documentation and sample usage shown on this page. Place the downloaded ".inc" file in your LassoStartup folder, restart Lasso, and you can begin using this tag immediately.

//					/Debug;
// Expected Output	If $xDebug = Y, contents of debug container will be output
//					If $xDebug != Y, nothing will output
If: !(Lasso_TagExists:'Debug');
	Define_Tag: 'Debug',

		Local('Start') = ('

' + (Response_Filepath) + '
\n'); Local('End') = '

\n'; If: (Var:'xDebug') == 'Y'; Local('Output') = (#Start) + (Run_Children) + (#End); Else; Local('Output') = ('\n'); /If; Return: (Encode_Smart:#Output); /Define_Tag; Log_Critical: 'Custom Tag Loaded - Debug'; /If; /* // Testing Var:'xDebug' = 'Y'; Var:'SomeVar' = 'booha'; Debug; 'SomeVar = ' $SomeVar '
\n'; /Debug; */ ?>


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