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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
19 Aug, 2014  [Encode_JSON] Encode_JSON, Decode_JSON and associate tags fro Lasso 8.5 ONLY Utility Jonathan Guthrie
11 Oct, 2013  [Multi-key map->find] A map->find addition which returns values for multiple keys. Utility Kyle Jessup
26 Mar, 2013  [calc_distance] Calculate distance between two lat/lon points using Haversine formula Utility Tim Taplin
23 Mar, 2013  [json_header] Alternative to content_type('application/json') that fixes MSIE. Utility Jonathan Guthrie
17 Sep, 2012  [jc_harvest_meta] Retrieve meta and title content from HTML input Utility Jolle Carlestam
12 Sep, 2012  [l9_header_nocache] A refinement/rework of Bil Cory's lp_header_nocache, this works natively with Lasso 9's web_response object Utility Jonathan Guthrie
18 Jun, 2012  [object_generation] Create a type object from a mySQL table Utility Richard Moore
20 Feb, 2012  [pk_autoversion] Changes a requested CSS or JS filename to include a datestamp string Utility Pier Kuipers
03 Jan, 2011  [twitter] Implements the Twitter API in Lasso. Utility Jason Huck
05 Nov, 2010  [gravatar_9] Lasso 9 version of the gravatar tag Utility Jonathan Guthrie
02 Nov, 2010  [paypal_nvpapi] Wrapper for the PayPal Web Payments Pro NVP API. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [gravatar] Retrieves the Gravatar for the given email address. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [google_analyticsdataexport] Wrapper for the Google Analytics Data Export API. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [google_clientlogin] Implements the Client Login method to retrieve authentication tokens for Google Data APIs. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [facebook] Wrapper for the Facebook API. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [notifo] Send push notifications to mobile devices via the notifo API. Utility Jason Huck
12 Aug, 2010  [jina_validatephone] Validate an input to check that it looks like a phone number Utility Jolle Carlestam
14 Dec, 2009  [FTP_MkDir] Lasso tag to create directories via ftp Utility Seth Ganahl
25 Aug, 2009  [RD_ValidIP] Returns true for a valid IPv4 IP address Utility Rick Draper
01 Jul, 2009  [bitly] Wrapper for the URL shortener API. Utility Jason Huck
27 May, 2009  [RD_lassoService_pid] Reports LassoService8 pid, optionally reads or writes to pid file Utility Wade Maxfield
15 May, 2009  [paypal_payflowpro] Wrapper for PayPal Payflow Pro direct HTTPS integration. Utility Jason Huck
13 May, 2009  [cache_info] Returns information about the specified cache. Utility Jason Huck
13 May, 2009  [cache_names] Returns an array of cache names. Utility Jason Huck
27 Oct, 2008  [google_map] Accesses Google's Static Map API Utility Randy Phillips
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