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05 Nov, 2010  [SHp_prowl_9] Lasso 9 Wrapper for the Prowl iPhone notification API Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
05 Nov, 2010  [gravatar_9] Lasso 9 version of the gravatar tag Utility Jonathan Guthrie
05 Nov, 2010  [string_truncate9] L9 version of String_Truncate String Jonathan Guthrie
02 Nov, 2010  [paypal_nvpapi] Wrapper for the PayPal Web Payments Pro NVP API. Utility Jason Huck
11 Oct, 2010  [xml_tree] Extends and simplifies the built-in XML type. XML Jason Huck
29 Sep, 2010  [url_normalize_9] This tag can be used to convert a relative URL into an absolute one. Accepts two parameters: a base URL to compare against (representing the path to the file that calls the relative URL), and a relative URL to convert. String Jonathan Guthrie
29 Sep, 2010  [Shell_9] Adaptation of Jason Huck's Shell tag for Lasso 8.5 Technical Jonathan Guthrie
07 Sep, 2010  [mf_datetime] Returns the given date in the datetime design pattern microformat. String Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [gravatar] Retrieves the Gravatar for the given email address. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [google_analyticsdataexport] Wrapper for the Google Analytics Data Export API. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [google_clientlogin] Implements the Client Login method to retrieve authentication tokens for Google Data APIs. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [facebook] Wrapper for the Facebook API. Utility Jason Huck
07 Sep, 2010  [notifo] Send push notifications to mobile devices via the notifo API. Utility Jason Huck
27 Aug, 2010  [mv_findThread] Look for a runnig thread Threads Marc Vos
12 Aug, 2010  [jina_validatephone] Validate an input to check that it looks like a phone number Utility Jolle Carlestam
21 Jun, 2010  [lsd_string_replacemultiple] Replaces values in a string using an array of pairs for search, replace String Brad Lindsay
04 Jun, 2010  [time] Allows formatting of time values in the same way that Date Jolle Carlestam
28 May, 2010  [email_pop] Modification to [email_pop] for Compatibility with Gmail POP Access Email Justin Dennis
23 Apr, 2010  [laposte] Calculate shipping cost for La Poste, french postal service Custom Tag Dominique Guardiola Falco
01 Apr, 2010  [LEAP_geoPlugin] This Lasso 9 data type uses the JSON Webservice of to geolocate IP addresses. Output Jonathan Guthrie
02 Mar, 2010  [mp_validHexColor] Validates input string determining if it is a valid hex color (returns TRUE/FALSE). String Marc Pinnell
01 Mar, 2010  [date_age(9)] Expansion of the date type adding an age method Date Jolle Carlestam
01 Mar, 2010  [age] Returns the age as years calculated between to dates. Date Jolle Carlestam
19 Jan, 2010  [stripSpChars] Strip bad characters out from a string String Stiti Samantaray
06 Jan, 2010  [lp_smallMonthlyCalendar] Date picker or drop down calendar menu Calendar Stiti Samantaray
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