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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
14 Dec, 2009  [FTP_MkDir] Lasso tag to create directories via ftp Utility Seth Ganahl
30 Nov, 2009  [session_save] Forces an immediate save of the named session. Session Göran Törnquist
29 Nov, 2009  [jh_arrayofpositions] Returns an array of positions (eg 1, 2, 4=, 4=) from any sorted array. Array James Harvard
17 Oct, 2009  [cms_easythumb] Wrapper for Webthumb wesite snapshot REST API Image Dominique Guardiola Falco
13 Oct, 2009  [client_param_9] Replacement for action_param Client Jolle Carlestam
25 Sep, 2009  [B_UUID] Returns a version 4 (random) Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) Custom Tag Douglas Burchard
08 Sep, 2009  [macfindersort] Sorts an array of strings in the same way as the Macintosh Finder, honouring numerical values. Array Pier Kuipers
25 Aug, 2009  [RD_ValidIP] Returns true for a valid IPv4 IP address Utility Rick Draper
10 Aug, 2009  [SHp_prowl] Lasso wrapper for the Prowl iPhone notification API Custom Tag Lieven Gekiere
05 Aug, 2009  [12all] Simple Type to Interface with 1.2.all email software Custom Tag Brian Loomis
03 Aug, 2009  [mv_stripHTML] Strips all HTML tags from a string. Custom Tag Marc Vos
01 Jul, 2009  [bitly] Wrapper for the URL shortener API. Utility Jason Huck
30 Jun, 2009  [LSD_String_ToDuration] Converts a string with more natural language to a duration String Brad Lindsay
24 Jun, 2009  [string_truncate_fade] Truncates a string using a fade out effect String Johan Solve
04 Jun, 2009  [deserialize85] Replacement for deserialize for compatibility with dates serialized with 8.1 Technical Johan Solve
27 May, 2009  [RD_lassoService_pid] Reports LassoService8 pid, optionally reads or writes to pid file Utility Wade Maxfield
27 May, 2009  [client_real_ip] Returns real Client IP behind proxy, load balancer etc Client Johan Solve
20 May, 2009  [indx_exMailClean] Cleans-up mail addresses that have extended characters String Clive Bruton
15 May, 2009  [paypal_payflowpro] Wrapper for PayPal Payflow Pro direct HTTPS integration. Utility Jason Huck
13 May, 2009  [cache_info] Returns information about the specified cache. Utility Jason Huck
13 May, 2009  [cache_names] Returns an array of cache names. Utility Jason Huck
22 Apr, 2009  [image_scaleDisplay] Scales the specified image within the given dimensions if the image doesn't fit and outputs a width/height string for use in image tag. Image Marc Pinnell
13 Mar, 2009  [jina_checksumUPC] Tag to handle checksum calculation on a UPC number Custom Tag Jolle Carlestam
13 Mar, 2009  [jina_checksum] Tag using the Luhn algorithm to handle checksums Custom Tag Jolle Carlestam
28 Feb, 2009  [st_valid_email] Returns the validation of the email as given in the examples. Custom Tag Brian Loomis
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