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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
23 Jun, 2008  [LI_URLRedirect] Creates a clickable link of a URL to redirect to if Debug is on, otherwise redirects. Utility Eric Landmann
23 Jun, 2008  [Debug] Creates a debug container to output debugging information. Utility Eric Landmann
18 Jun, 2008  [array_unique] An array that only holds unique values. Array Jason Huck
18 Jun, 2008  [FTP_DeleteFile] A tag to delete a file from an FTP server. Utility Gary Sprague
16 Jun, 2008  [yahoo_customnews] Retrieves the specified feed data from Yahoo! Custom News. Utility Jim Van Heule
27 May, 2008  [ErrorTrack] Combined Error Tracking Functions. Error Miles Xx
22 May, 2008  [lp_page_path] Returns page path information, depending on the member tag used. Utility Bil Corry
13 May, 2008  [Xaren_Client_IP] Client_IP replacement that has subnet support Client Adam Randall
12 May, 2008  [Unix_time] modification to lp_date_date1970 tag with full time conversion Data Type Lubos Voros
09 May, 2008  [duration2] Alternate version of [duration] that never rounds up. Data Type Jason Huck
10 Apr, 2008  [tags_load] Loads all tags in the given path into the global namespace. Custom Tag Jason Huck
08 Apr, 2008  [join_params] Join POST or GET arguments values with the same value, to make an inline-friendly pairs array. Array Dominique Guardiola Falco
31 Mar, 2008  [lp_client_params] Returns an array of GET/POST parameters passed from the client. Client Bil Corry
19 Mar, 2008  [js_directorytree] Recursive directory lister File Johan Solve
19 Mar, 2008  [lp_string_firstwords] Returns the first series of words in a string, up to a max length. String Bil Corry
21 Feb, 2008  [client_param] Inline-safe replacement for [action_param]. Client Jason Huck
17 Feb, 2008  [timer] Collects and displays elapsed time between markers. Utility Jason Huck
15 Feb, 2008  [image_display] Writes an HTML image tag with scaled dimensions. Image Jason Huck
15 Feb, 2008  [mysql_fields] For MySQL, returns details about the table used in the current inline. Database Jason Huck
08 Feb, 2008  [js_flattenparams] Flattens arrays passed to custom tags so they look like regular parameters Technical Johan Solve
05 Feb, 2008  [lp_header_nocache] Via http header, sets the content to immediately expire, no caching. Technical Bil Corry
05 Feb, 2008  [jina_weekNum] Returns correct ISO week number for a given date Date Jolle Carlestam
02 Feb, 2008  [get_set_options] Returns an array of the possible values for a SET Database Chris Corwin
01 Feb, 2008  [Valid_Phone] Check a phone number for validness. Utility Chris Corwin
14 Jan, 2008  [lp_demo_fullname] Returns a random American name (first middle last). Utility Bil Corry
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