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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
02 Jun, 2012  [xml_tree(9)] Extends and simplifies the built-in XML type. XML Eric Knibbe
03 Apr, 2012  [Phone] Formats 10 digit input as a US Phone Number. String Seth Ganahl
25 Mar, 2012  [parse_csv] Parse CSV file format File Johan Solve
19 Mar, 2012  [mv_clcdat] Perfom date calculations and formatting Date Marc Vos
13 Mar, 2012  [xirr] XIRR and XNPV Financial Functions Math Jon Harris
20 Feb, 2012  [mv_timeMenu] Create time entries for a pop-up menu Custom Tag Marc Vos
20 Feb, 2012  [pk_autoversion] Changes a requested CSS or JS filename to include a datestamp string Utility Pier Kuipers
06 Feb, 2012  [pk_blackorwhitefromhex] returns String Pier Kuipers
28 Dec, 2011  [integer-asStringOrd] Outputs the ordinal representation of an integer Namespace Brad Lindsay
22 Nov, 2011  [trim(9)] Adding optional param to string -> trim String Jolle Carlestam
14 Nov, 2011  [mailchimp] Lasso wrapper for the MailChimp API. Email Jason Huck
31 Aug, 2011  [tzconvert] Smooth handling of timezone conversions of datetime values Date Jolle Carlestam
10 Aug, 2011  [Include_URL_Digest] Wrapper for [Include_URL] which adds support for digest authentication Networking Sidney San Martin
12 Jul, 2011  [QR] QR Code Generator Data Type Richard Fortnum
12 Jul, 2011  [QR_9] QR ctyp version 9 Output Richard Fortnum
14 Jun, 2011  [make_compiled] Batch compile lasso 9 files from CLI File Jolle Carlestam
12 Jan, 2011  [pk_soundex] Converts a string into a Soundex code Database Pier Kuipers
03 Jan, 2011  [twitter] Implements the Twitter API in Lasso. Utility Jason Huck
20 Dec, 2010  [LEAP_makeLink] Parses a string for links to make clickable. String Jonathan Guthrie
11 Nov, 2010  [excel_date] Excel Serial Date format utilities Date Dominique Guardiola Falco
10 Nov, 2010  [client_params_9] Convient tag to get both post and get params Client Jolle Carlestam
09 Nov, 2010  [vz_ckimageresize] This tag physically resizes images that have been resized using CKeditor and are displayed at different dimensions from the original. Image Pier Kuipers
08 Nov, 2010  [jina_validateip_9] Evaluates and reports errors if a string is a proper IP number Conditional Jolle Carlestam
07 Nov, 2010  [validip_9] Checks if a string is a valid IP number Comparator Jolle Carlestam
06 Nov, 2010  [array_flip_9] Lasso 9 port of array_flip, plus implements array->flip. Inverts the key/value pairs in a pair array. Array Jonathan Guthrie
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