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29 Dec, 2014  [meeting_bingo] [meeting_bingo] is a stupid Lasso method that generates a BINGO! game card with unique meeting buzzwords Array Steve Piercy
28 Dec, 2014  [tz_select] [tz_select] returns an HTML select menu of all known time zones, grouped into US common, continents, regions, UTC, and manual offsets. Date Steve Piercy
28 Dec, 2014  [tz_convert] [tz_convert] converts datetime types from one time zone locale to another for Lasso 8. This is especially useful for converting datetimes to and from UTC Date Steve Piercy
28 Dec, 2014  [countdown] [countdown] is a Lasso type that stores the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining from now until a date in the future (t0). Date Steve Piercy
14 Aug, 2013  [xs_cat] Nested Set content tags Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
28 Sep, 2012  [serve_csv] Serves a CSV file. File Jason Huck
18 Sep, 2012  [xs_genPwd] Generates a random password Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
03 Apr, 2012  [Phone] Formats 10 digit input as a US Phone Number. String Seth Ganahl
25 Mar, 2012  [parse_csv] Parse CSV file format File Johan Solve
19 Mar, 2012  [mv_clcdat] Perfom date calculations and formatting Date Marc Vos
12 Jan, 2011  [pk_soundex] Converts a string into a Soundex code Database Pier Kuipers
11 Oct, 2010  [xml_tree] Extends and simplifies the built-in XML type. XML Jason Huck
04 Jun, 2010  [time] Allows formatting of time values in the same way that Date Jolle Carlestam
30 Nov, 2009  [session_save] Forces an immediate save of the named session. Session Göran Törnquist
05 Aug, 2009  [12all] Simple Type to Interface with 1.2.all email software Custom Tag Brian Loomis
24 Jun, 2009  [string_truncate_fade] Truncates a string using a fade out effect String Johan Solve
27 May, 2009  [client_real_ip] Returns real Client IP behind proxy, load balancer etc Client Johan Solve
20 May, 2009  [indx_exMailClean] Cleans-up mail addresses that have extended characters String Clive Bruton
13 May, 2009  [cache_names] Returns an array of cache names. Utility Jason Huck
28 Feb, 2009  [st_valid_email] Returns the validation of the email as given in the examples. Custom Tag Brian Loomis
26 Feb, 2009  [lp_client_browser] Returns the name, version and OS of the client browser in a map. Client Bil Corry
25 Feb, 2009  [lp_client_isBot] Returns true if client is a bot, spider, validator, robot or crawler. Client Bil Corry
04 Feb, 2009  [rss2] Data types for creating RSS2 feeds. Based on [xml_tree]. XML Jason Huck
08 Jan, 2009  [Encode_Base64URL] Encodes a string using a variant of Base64 which produces URL-safe output Encoding James Harvard
08 Jan, 2009  [Decode_Base64URL] Decodes a string from a URL-safe variant of Base64 encoding Encoding James Harvard
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