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[ email_parse->body ]


[Email_Parse->Body] returns the body of the email message. For simple messages the text of the message is returned.

For multi-part messages the contents of the first text part is returned in order of preference text/plain, then text/html, then any text part. If no text part is found then the email is searched recursively for a valid text part. Otherwise, the first part of the message is returned.

An optional parameter allows a different MIME part to be returned. The same search is performed, but the desired MIME type is returned in preference to the text/plain type.

Quoted-printable parts are decoded using their original character set and returned as a Unicode string. Base64 encoded parts are automatically decoded into raw bytes. text/enriched parts are automatically converted to HTML syntax.

The [Email_Parse->Size] and [Email_Parse->Get] tags can be used for lower-level access to the parts of the email message.

  • Syntax
local(myMSG = Email_Parse(#myPOP->Retrieve))

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