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[Email_Parse->Header] returns a single MIME header from the email message. If one header with the name is found then a string is returned. If multiple headers are found then an array of strings is returned. The -Join parameter can be used to specify a character that will be used to join the array if multiple headers are returned.

If an -Extract parameter is specified then all comments are stripped from the returned header. If a -Comment parameter is specified then only comments are returned. If a -SafeEmail parameter is specified then the header is returned as an obscured email address which should help prevent email harvesting on your Web site.

Email headers are automatically decoded if they are sent using quoted-printable or binhex encoding. The -NoDecode parameter can be used to suppress the automatic decoding and return the raw header.

  • Syntax
local(myMSG = Email_Parse(#myPOP->Retrieve))
#myMSG->Header('Received', -Join=',')

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