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[Email_Status] returns the status of an email message that was sent using [Email_Send] or [Email_Queue]. The method requires the unique ID of the email message which is returned using [Email_Result].

The method will return a value of "queued", "error", or "sent". Lasso attempts to send messages multiple times if minor errors are encountered. A valid message will have a status of "queued" until the maximum number of retries is reached. Messages which are invalid or have reached their retry limit will have a status of "error". Messages which have been sent (or are not found in the queue) will have a status of "sent".

Note that [Email_Status] called immediately after queueing a message will almost always return "queued" since Lasso has not yet had a chance to send the message. It can take a few seconds on an idle server to send a message or longer on a busy server. This method would typically be used by storing the unique ID returned by [Email_Result] in a database and then checking on the status of the message after a suitable delay.

  • Syntax
var(id) = email_result
  • Beginner

Queue an email and then check it's status after a minute

The code below will queue up an email message using [email_send], wait for a minute, and then display its status. Email status should be one of 'queued', 'sent', or 'error'.


  -subject='For Your Eyes Only!',
  -body='Top Secret Company Information.'
var(msg_id) = email_result





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