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[Email_TranslateBreakstoCRLF] is a utility method used by the email system to translate any combination of line feed and carriage return characters in a string to carriage return/line feed pairs.

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Unify all line breaks to the Windows-style carriage return/line feed pairs

The example below counts the number of line breaks in a string with  a mixture of carriage returns and line feeds. We first use the [email_translatebreakstocrlf] method to unify all line breaks to carriage return/line feed pairs. We take the resulting string and split on the carriage return/line feed pairs to get an array whose size tells us the number of lines. We subtract one from that number because the last line won't have a line break, so the result will be the number of line breaks in the string.


email_translatebreakstocrlf('Line Feed\nCarriage Return\rEnd')->split('\r\n')->size - 1



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Posted on: 14 March 2011

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