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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
29 Apr, 2007  [Admin_AssignDatabaseToGroup] Allows you to quickly assign a database and it's tables to a specific group Administration Adam Randall
13 May, 2008  [Xaren_Client_IP] Client_IP replacement that has subnet support Client Adam Randall
29 Nov, 2005  [show_mySQLvars] Utiltity to view your MySQL system variables Database Alex Pilson
21 Jan, 2006  [display_sql] Simple tag to view action_statements for debugging SQL. Database Alex Pilson
16 Jan, 2006  [valid_email2] A better email validation tag. Email Alex Pilson
03 Jul, 2007  [uploadVars] Creates vars of the upload map elements Utility Alex Pilson
16 Nov, 2005  [go_HTTP] Change current link action to non SSL realm Response Alex Pilson
10 Jul, 2008  [text_to_url] Tag to make URL and MAILTO: links from a text input or field. String Asle Benoni
21 Feb, 2006  [text_to_url_LP6] Tag to make URL and MAILTO: links from a text input or field. String Asle Benoni
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_protect] Similar to [protect] but allows errors to extend outside protect block. Error Bil Corry
02 Sep, 2006  [lp_file_findPath] Returns the web path (or null) to the first found file or directory that matches the given name starting from the current path up to the webroot. File Bil Corry
08 Mar, 2007  [lp_site_isStarting] Returns true when the site starting up. Utility Bil Corry
17 Jan, 2006  [lp_math_decToOctet] Returns an array of integer octets given a base10 integer or an array of base10 integers. Math Bil Corry
05 Dec, 2005  [lp_integer_bytes] Returns the number of bytes the given integer is comprised of. Math Bil Corry
17 May, 2006  [lp_iterate] Similar to iterate, but does not require the looping var. Utility Bil Corry
17 May, 2006  [lp_inline_dataset] Records abstraction type. Database Bil Corry
19 Feb, 2006  [lp_math_GPSradius] Returns the high/low lat and lon coordinates via member tags given a center point and radius. Math Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2005  [lp_logical_in] Evaluates if a value is contained within a list of elements. Returns true or false. Conditional Bil Corry
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_array] Use in place of [array] - has additional useful member tags. Array Bil Corry
05 Dec, 2005  [lp_string_split] Similar to ->split except -limit=n limits split to just n elements. String Bil Corry
21 Apr, 2006  [lp_crypt_xor] Returns xor-encrypted/decrypted string given a string and password. Encryption Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_date_UTCtimestamp] Returns number of seconds since 1/1/1970 for UTC/GMT timezone. Date Bil Corry
02 Dec, 2005  [lp_page_timer] Returns the elapsed time in milliseconds. Utility Bil Corry
26 Aug, 2006  [lp_header_noPrefetch] Aborts the page if the page is prefetched by a browser. Utility Bil Corry
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_string_trimHTML] Returns HTML with unneeded whitespace removed. String Bil Corry
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