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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
09 Aug, 2008  [autoctype] A custom type used to simple create a type from a table Custom Tag Richard Moore
23 Jul, 2007  [LI_UnreferencedFiles] A file management aid that displays which files in a directory are not referenced by any .lasso or .inc file. Useful for weeding out old, unreferenced files. File Eric Landmann
18 Jun, 2008  [FTP_DeleteFile] A tag to delete a file from an FTP server. Utility Gary Sprague
27 Feb, 2007  [response_header] A type to get and set HTTP response header values. Response Jason Huck
26 Aug, 2006  [lp_header_noPrefetch] Aborts the page if the page is prefetched by a browser. Utility Bil Corry
18 Oct, 2008  [google_chart] Accesses Google's Chart API Utility Randy Phillips
27 Oct, 2008  [google_map] Accesses Google's Static Map API Utility Randy Phillips
02 Aug, 2007  [zoneedit_cname] Add, remove, and list cnames for the given zone at ZoneEdit. Utility Jason Huck
04 Mar, 2007  [site_refresh] Alternate method for restarting the current Lasso Site programmatically. Administration Jason Huck
18 Jun, 2008  [array_unique] An array that only holds unique values. Array Jason Huck
12 Dec, 2007  [shp_FlickrAPI] API to get Flickr information into Lasso Custom Tag Pieter Claerhout
11 Jun, 2014  [AuthorizeNet_AIM] Authorize.Net payment processing tag for AIM v3.1 payment processing gateway Custom Tag Steve Piercy
24 Sep, 2008  [asset_manager] Automatically includes optimized scripts and styles in pages. Utility Jason Huck
23 Apr, 2010  [laposte] Calculate shipping cost for La Poste, french postal service Custom Tag Dominique Guardiola Falco
20 Feb, 2012  [pk_autoversion] Changes a requested CSS or JS filename to include a datestamp string Utility Pier Kuipers
17 Aug, 2007  [lp_include_url] Charset-aware include_url, returns string instead of bytes. Utility Bil Corry
08 Jan, 2009  [Banned_IP] Check if a user's [Client_IP] is in your banned list. Session Israel Thompson
02 Aug, 2007  [email_check] Checks the specified POP account for messages. Email Jason Huck
14 Feb, 2013  [clean_lasso_database] Cleans up Lasso 8 SQLite db from dynamically generated tables Administration Marc Vos
17 Feb, 2008  [timer] Collects and displays elapsed time between markers. Utility Jason Huck
22 Sep, 2008  [cache_assets] Concatenates, minifies, and compresses JS and CSS files and returns a link to the resulting file(s). Utility Jason Huck
30 Jun, 2009  [LSD_String_ToDuration] Converts a string with more natural language to a duration String Brad Lindsay
11 Jun, 2014  [time_ampmto24] Converts times formatted as hh:mm AM/PM to 24-hour format Date Steve Piercy
20 Feb, 2012  [mv_timeMenu] Create time entries for a pop-up menu Custom Tag Marc Vos
19 May, 2007  [site_create] Creates a new Lasso Site via ServerAdmin. Administration Jason Huck
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