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Add New members to the list

[image of the add to list]

If you have a handful of email addresses to add to a list, then the add new members button works well.

You can type one or two new email addresses into the text box—separated by a comma or a line return.

You can also copy and paste email addresses from a spreadsheet or document, but you will first need to make sure they are separated either by a comma or line return.  Spaces are evil.  Also, try and make sure everything you are cutting and pasting represents an actual email address.  LassoMailer will ignore anything else, like an ampersand instead of an @ symbol, spaces in a person’s address, etc.  It’s just good practice to try and make your imports clean.

[image of add new members screen]

When you’ve finished copying or entering your addresses, click “Save”.   Click the “Import” button if you wish to select a .txt file from your computer to import addresses.  Note: the .txt file needs to be formatted properly (ie: fields must be separated, email addresses must be entered correctly) in order for the import to be successful.


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