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LassoMailer's licensing is on a per-subdomain basis. This means that when you purchase LassoMailer you need to register it to a subdomain, which generates a key for that subdomain. This generated key will only work for this subdomain.

Obtaining a LassoMailer license

  1. Purchase a LassoMailer license
  2. Visit your account in the LassoSoft store, on the "Serials" tab scroll to "Your LassoMailer Serials"
  3. Unregistered keys do not have a domain name or key associated. Click the "Register" button to enter the subdomain.
  4. Once the subdomain has been entered and the key generated, copy this key and enter it where indicated in LassoMailer.


Evaluation Keys

If you have been provided with an Evaluation Key, this will be locked to a subdomain and time limited. Once expired, you will be prompted to enter a new key for continued operation.

Evaluation keys are not intended for production use, but enable full and unrestricted functionality during the evaluation period.

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