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A List is a discreet set of contacts with email addresses, and is usually grouped by a common factor.

A Master List can be used to have a single list for all contacts, but it is equally possible to maintain multiple lists that when used together can form your Master List.

Managing your List Members is critical to compliance with Anti-spam laws, and just plain good business.

People who have signed up to your services and email notifications want to get what they asked for, with no nasty surprises in either volume or content.

Your Lists are a living entity. People move on from companies, change email addresses, and change their preferences and may unsubscribe. New people will sign up, and new people may take over the roles of former contacts. Treat your lists like a plant, to be regularly tended, trimmed of dead addresses, and added to.

LassoMailer uses the email address as the primary key. It prevents you from loading duplicate email addresses. Sometimes your subscribers will be sharing an email address. Only the name and company details for the first subscriber will be held, and any subsequent ones using the same address are ignored through the duplicate address filter. The good news is that if one or more people are sharing an email address, they will all see your emails and you won't spam them with multiple copies.

LassoMailer also allows for multiple lists containing the same addresses. You could have a list for "Canada", and "Ontario" and "Toronto" and a Toronto-based contact would be on all of them. Each address will only get a campaign email once, however the results for that one address will appear across every list they are on.

New subscribers can be added via manual entry, import, or by using the API to link your lists directly from your websites or other systems. 


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