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- Troubleshooting

My campaign is not sending

  • Ensure the campaign is active
  • Check that the lists are active and have been "released"
  • Check the scheduled time for each list in the "Send After" column of the campaign detail
  • Check that the Assemble, Queue for deliver and Global Delivery Queue processes are active, and have been scheduled using Cron or Lasso Scheduler

My list says it has sent but I have not received the email

  • Check that the Global Delivery Queue process is active and has been scheduled using Cron or Lasso Scheduler
  • Check the Lasso instance email queue in the Lasso Admin application
  • If the email is in the Lasso email queue and it's status is not "error" and the queue is obviously not delivering mail to the upstream SMTP servers, try restarting the instance.
  • If no email in the Lasso email queue, check the broadcast_global.eBroadcastGlobalLog table for an appropriate entry.
    • If there is an entry corresponding to the outgoing email, the email has been sent. Check spam filters and bounce logs.
    • If there is no entry, the record may be "locked" due to internal performance or scheduling communication issues. If the "Clean Delivery Queue" process is active any lock older than 2 hours is automatically cleared. If the process has not been scheduled this can be triggered manually by activating the process and clicking "Run now".

Common Procedures

Optimizing Databases

Occaisionally the databases used by LassoMailer can become large, due to the disk space allocation used by SQLite and MySQL. To reclaim this hard drive space it is necessary to periodically run optimization commands on certain databases or tables.


In a GUI such as Navicat, select the database "broadcast_global" and table "eBroadcastGlobalQueue", right click and select Maintain > Optimize Table

On the command line, enter the MySQL client on the server where MySQL is located:

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --optimize broadcast_global

Repeat for each LassoMailer database in use.

For further information see


Shut down the LassoMailer instance.
On the command line on the LassoMailer server, substituting the "default" instance for the correct path:

sudo sqlite3 /var/lasso/instances/default/SQLiteDBs/lasso_email 
SQLite version 2013-03-29 13:44:34
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
sqlite> VACUUM;
sqlite> .quit


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