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A campaign is a discreet and measurable mailing event .

Use the power of LassoMailer to have multiple Campaign Emails around the same subject to tailor messages to a specific market, or, use one main Campaign email and send to multiple lists - then compare the response rates from each list.

Tips to creating a successful Campaign email.

  1. Spend time crafting a subject line that attracts interest, but beware of using '$' (very spam-centric) even '!' can raise your spam score. Think about what would make you (as a receiver of many emails a day), pause and take a second look at an email subject, then open it to see more.
  2. Be selective who you send to, and when. Best practice guidelines are that you always send to a test list first - made up of your colleagues or friends who will take the time to proof read, give feedback and suggestions, and test to confirm your links do actually go where you want them. Once you get the all clear, you can add one or more Lists to send to, and you can time them to go together, or, over a period of time if you are expecting a high response and have limited staff to manage the incoming flood of enquiries.
  3. Link up the content - When you add content either using a template, OR, by using LassoMailer to fetch a customized email-specificly coded webpage from your site (this will maximize the SEO return on the promotional or information emails, and help drive visits to your organizations website), make sure to add links back to your website.
  4. Don't give away all your secrets in one email. Make sure to include teasers such as snippets of news or articles that will catch someones interest and make them want to 'read more'. The read more link can bring them to your website where the full article, news announcment, or related information can then be shared in detail.
  5. Balance the visual and text elements in the email. An email that is all image will be flagged as suspected spam. An email that is all text will have recipient hitting delete or close much too quickly.
  6. Monitor the response. The percentage of recipients who open emails varies from industry to industry. 10% is a very low opening rate; 20-25% is a good rate; and over 30% is an exceptionally engaged audience. Over time you will see a pattern of opening rates - when you get a great campaign that sees open rates climb higher than previously, take a good look at what you sent, and when you sent it. Chances are if you are sending too often, opening rates will go down. If you have not sent for a while, then send a specific, targeted, offer you will see a higher response rate that your weekly newsletters ever get.
  7. For sending a reminder, dont just copy paste the whole of the last send. Create a new email with modifications to the content and use phrasing like 'Reminder',  'deadline approaching', or 'last days to get this great offer'. If you've already received responses, be sure to create a revised List that includes only those who have definitively not responded.
  8. People will opt-out and unsub. It's not your fault - life changes for everyone. Make sure unsubscribe is easy and painless for your clients and you will keep a friendly relationship and word of mouth potential to engage new contacts for your organization.
  9. Above all, make your email reflect your organization. If you are a company that is fun and innovative, make sure your emails are vibrant and entertaining to reflect this. If you are a security service provider, fun is not an aim, but professionalism and quality certainly are and visual appeal remains an important tool to convey this.


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