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Process Management

LassoMailer uses a staged batch event system, driven by an authenticated URL to trigger these events.

Once a list is "released" to the campaign for delivery to recipients, the following takes place:

  • The content of each email is assembled, including all substitutions and customization;
  • The email is queued from the local LassoMailer instance to the "Global Queue" for sending;
  • The "Global Queue" manages the staged release of emails to the SMTP server.

The system is designed to avoid overwhelming the LassoMailer and SMTP servers during large mailouts, or in environments where there are multiple LassoMailer installations on the same server.

The list view displays the process name, a brief description, when it was last executed, and its status.

  • To toggle the process status, click the status icon.
  • To trigger a manual "Run" of the process, click the associated "Run Now" link.
Process Description
Assemble Build individual emails.
Queue for delivery Move assembled messages to the global batch send process.
GetBounces Check bounce accounts for failed deliveries.
GeoLocate Determine geographic location of click or view event (based on IP address).


Global Delivery Queue Processes

These processes trigger server-wide activities and are common to all LassoMailer installations on a single server.

Process Description
Global delivery queue Batch processing of global delivery queue.
Clean delivery queue Clean up global queue database and release locked rows.


The global queue keeps 7 days of queue history to assist in prevention of duplicates. Messages older than 7 days are cleared from the queue history. Rows are locked during various stages of the batch processes, and clearing these locks is required if a service interruption has occurred. Locks older than 2 hours are cleared by running the "Clean delivery queue" process.

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