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Templates are standardized HTML documents that can be easily cloned and reused to create new HTML emails.

A set of default templates are provided for testing purposes or as a starting point for your own templates.

Listing templates

To view these templates, click the template name.

To create a new template, click the "Add new template" button in the list view.

Adding or editing a template

In the Add/Edit Template view, you are presented with the following options:

Template Name: This is for your reference and is used in the Campaign Wizard only.

Preview Image URL: A link to an image that depicts your template's look and feel.
Image dimensions should be 216px wide by 211px high.

Source: Choose either External URL or HTML, described below.

External Source URL: A fully qualified URL of the HTML source to be imported as a template. Note that this is not used if "HTML" is chosen above.

HTML: Enter the HTML source using the CKEditor user interface.

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