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Importing Subscriber Addresses

In order to import a file containing a list of email addresses, click the Import tab.  You’ll have the option to either make a new list for your imported file, or merge the file with an existing list.  

[screenshot of import area]

If you choose to create a brand new list, you must give it a name.  The Choose file button will open a file directory box allowing you to select the file you wish to upload from your computer.

You must have Saved your email list as a tab separated .txt file to be able to import it.  .txt is a text only file format, which does not contain any formatting that would potentially confuse the system.  LassoMailer will ignore anything in your .txt file that is not formatted as an email address.  It will also purge your list of any duplicates automatically.  

If you created your email list in Excel, there is an option to save the file as .txt.   Choose Save As under the File menu, then select .txt (Tab Delimited) as the file type under the filenames window.  

Some tips for successful importing of addresses:

  • If your email address file is not importing, check that the name of your file ends in .txt
  • Do not use a header row containing field labels such as ‘First name’ ‘Last name’ – when you save it as a .txt file, delete this row or it will appear in your import.
  • Make sure you have your data arranged in proper rows—if you have a row containing a person’s first name instead of an email address, that address will not transfer into the system properly.  Make sure there is only one row per person.

Merge import of new email addresses to an existing list

The drop down menu to the right of the list name field contains all of the lists you have already created in LassoMailer.  If you wish to merge your new list with an existing one, simply select it from the menu before importing your file.

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