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Default Settings

The "Default Settings" section in LassoMailer defines some of the basic behaviours of the system.

SMTP (Sending Email)

This defines the outbound connection for sending email. This must be a valid and verified account as LassoMailer will not function properly if the details are incorrect.

Contact your email services provider for these details if unknown.

Property Description
Outbound SMTP Server The server name of the SMTP (sending) server used to send email through.
Often will be "" or similar.
Port Default SMTP port is 25, however many SMTP servers will accept alternate ports such as 587.
Username The authentication username for this SMTP server.
Password The password associated with the username for authentication.



These addresses will be provided as defaults when setting up a new campaign.

Property Description
Default "Reply to" The email address that recipients will be sending email back to if they click "Reply" on the received email.
Bounces to This is the address that failed delivery "bounces" are sent to. Bounce response accounts are set up in the Bounce Addresses section. The default account is set here via select dropdown.



LassoMailer operates under a single Lasso 9 instance by default, however there are higher volume circumstances where tracking of email views and link clicks may be handled via additional Lasso 9 instances. Please contact LassoSoft Support for assistance in configuring these additional instances for higher volume environments.

LassoMailer also attempts to "fix" accidental relative URLs in HTML email messages. A valid domain name must be supplied for this to be effective.

Property Description
Tracking Domain The domain name (e.g. that resolves to the server and Lasso 9 instance for processing notifications of email views by recipients.
Link Domain The domain name (e.g. that resolves to the server and Lasso 9 instance for processing links that have been clicked by the recipient. LassoMailer stores the references to the link destinations and will forward the user to this destination following identification and logging.
URL Domain LassoMailer will attempt to "fix" any relative URLs it finds in the HTML of a campaign. This is done in the "Campaign Wizard", and once relative URLs are fixed, each link is checked for validity.


Property Description
Use LEAP™ 5 Local Integration Only applicable if a LEAP™ 5 installation is accessible to LassoMailer. Default is "No".
LEAP™ 5 Local Search Method Only applicable if a LEAP™ 5 installation is accessible to LassoMailer. Default is "Dropdown". Use "Autocomplete" option for larger systems.
Default Rows Returned The number of rows returned for list views in LassoMailer.
Skin LassoMailer's user interface can be customized via CSS defined in the Skins section. This setting allows an administrator to toggle between these skins.

Send Rates

Property Description
Batch Quantity LassoMailer uses batch processing to manage load on the server. This figure governs the number of rows each component of the system will process as a batch in each event.
Send Delay This setting is the "safety net" that prevents immediate release of a list to the batch queue. While it can be set to 0 minutes, it is recommended a larger value be used. The number of minutes is added to the current date / time when setting the release time for the list in the campiagn view.

Error Reporting

LassoMailer can use Prowl to deliver notification of errors in the background batch / queue system to an iPhone.

Please note Prowl is not a LassoSoft product and is not assiciated with LassoSoft in any way. Prowl is a third party commercial system and as such may require license and product fees. These are not part of your LassoMailer license and must be purchased / obtained independently.

Property Description
Use Prowl Error Reporting Yes / No. Default is "No".
Prowl API Key Your Prowl API Key. This can be obtained from Prowl's API Keys page.




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